Interns present results at VillaDevs

Technical validation from practitioners


On June 27, 2017 the group of interns presented their results at VillaDevs. During the event, the interns discussed technical details of the work performed along the 16-week period.

Participants were enthusiastic about the results presented. “BYE BYE 404 is an interesting web application with a huge potential market, in particular in the E-Commerce sector“, says event organizer Ing. Iván Casanova.

VillaDevs is an open forum for the discussion of latest technology development in the Meta and Llanos Orientales Region. It is sponsored in the context of the Vive Digital National Plan by Parquesoft Meta, the Colombian ICT Ministry and Villavicencio Major’s Office.


More information

BYE BYE 404 is a web application that detects and fix your broken links. It monitors your websites and reports the broken links found. Furthermore, it suggests how to fix them based on advanced techniques. It is free. Sign up and make your website a better place!


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